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Enjoy a spring, summer or autumn break in the Polish mountains.

No matter what time of year, there is always clean air to breathe in Istebna. The Beskid mountains are part of the same Carpathian range as Zakopane and the area is a great place for hiking and mountain biking. In fact, there are several international mountain bike events held during the year in Istebna, primarily in June and September. This region is alsocrisscrossed with cycle routes as you will see from the online maps of this area. In short, this is a great holiday destination for families.

While weather conditions can never be fully guaranteed, early spring can be snowy, although it can also be warm from April onwards with similar temperatures to the UK. The summer months are generally warmer than the UK with maximum temperatures up to 34° Celsius in July and August. Autumn temperatures are, again, similar to the UK although snow can come as early as the last week of October. As you will see from the headline photo above (taken from Villa Dorka) the autumn colours in this region are stunningly beautiful.

This is an area full of things to see. Istebna and Koniakow are famous for lacemaking and this whole region is well known for its country crafts. There is a famous festival of country crafts and foods in nearby Wislá every August. Close to Istebna are the borders of the Czech Republic (eastern Moravia) and Slovakia (Zjelina) so staying here brings the opportunity to visit three countries at one time.

if all that activity is a bit too much for you, then you can simply relax at our Villa enjoying the scenery and chill out in the numerous bars and restaurants in the three villages in the immediate neighbourhood. The choice is yours.

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