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The inhabitants of the area around Istebna are mountain people. They are a proud people with long traditions and are warm and welcoming to visitors especially those who take the trouble to learn a few words of their language.

Where is Istebna?

Istebna is situated in the very southernmost part of Silesia in Poland (known as 'Beskidy') close to the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is ideally located 1.5-2 hours from historic Krakow (Poland's most beautiful and culturally rich city) by road and within easy reach of the Zjelina National Park in Slovakia (famous film location for films like Dragonheart). Being close to the Czech Republic border means that many other famous towns like Olomuoc and Ostrava in North East Moravia are easy to visit.

Click here to see a local map of Istebna. On this map, Villa Dorka is in the part of Istebna called Wojtosze (just off the road which links Highway 941 and highway 943) and is marked by the crosshairs. It is located down a singletrack lane which connects to the road next to the 'Fuchs' garage on the opposite side of the road between 'Chata Kawuloka' (Museum of traditional country living) and the church (Augburski). If you get lost and have to ask the way from one of the locals, don't ask for "VillaDorka" ask for "Dom Angielki” (the house belonging to the English person). The exact location of Villa Dorka is shown here.

Click here to see an alternative map showing a larger area including the airports of Katowice and Krakow in relation to the location of Istebna (bottom of the page, well to the left of centre).

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